Joint Camp 

At SIH Joint Camp our specially trained orthopedic team is designed to get you back to being you. SIH Joint Camp is an all-inclusive program that educates you and your family about joint replacement surgery, provides a group therapy and helps you prepare to go home and return to your favorite hobbies. SIH Joint Camp gives you the tools and information you need for a safe and quick recovery.

Here, you'll be cared for by a dedicated team that includes specially-trained orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified orthopedic nursing staff and casing managers. Most patients finish SIH Joint Camp within or two days.  

How does SIH Joint Camp work?

SIH Joint Camp is a comprehensive course of treatment if you're:

  • Undergoing total hip or knee joint replacement surgery.
  • Suffering from chronic joint pain from arthritis or from an old injury that interferes with your daily activities.

The program is designed to directly involve you and your family in your plan of care before, during and after surgery. For starters, you'll receive a handbook and valuable pre- and post-surgery information, such as medication education, pre- and post-surgery exercises and more information about what to expect in hospital and discharge planning. 

During your hospital stay, you will do group and individual therapy twice a day. We encourage you to bring a family member or "coach" with you to these sessions. That way, you will have added support once you are discharged home to continue your therapy during your recovery phase. Therapy will include physical exercises, as well as normal daily living activities such as bathing and grooming. 

The main goal of SIH Joint Camp is to help you get back to your normal life and daily activities as soon as possible. 

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