SIH encourages its employees to pursue educational opportunities that can assist their personal and professional growth, and could also benefit SIH in meeting its mission. Our tuition assistance program makes funds available to qualified employees who satisfactorily complete job-related courses, as a means to further this objective.

  • Employee must submit the tuition assistance application to their manager, and receive approvals, prior to enrollment in any classes. Applications are available in Human Resources.
  • The department manager shall discuss with the employee his/her education and career goals as they relate to the coursework.
  • Employees must have achieved a minimal grade of a “C” or equivalent in the course to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Employees must submit proof of tuition costs incurred, credit hours attained, and a grade report to their HR department for reimbursement.

Reimbursement amounts may not exceed $130 per credit hour for any undergraduate or graduate course, with a maximum of nine credit hours per academic calendar segment. Full time employees will receive 100% reimbursement within the above limits for credit hour costs (maximum payment would be $1170). Part time employees budgeted to work at least 32 hours per pay period will be reimbursed on a percentage basis of their tuition and fees costs. Certification exams related to the area of clinical practice will be paid for under the terms of the Tuition Assistance Program.

The Tuition Assistance policy can be obtained in the Human Resources departments or on the SIH Intranet (Policy # SY-HR-205).