A hospitalist is a doctor who cares specifically for hospitalized patients. They do not have an office practice. In a sense, they assume the role of a primary care doctor while you are in the hospital. Our Board Certified Hospitalists are very experienced in the unique needs of the hospitalized patient. Beginning at admission, hospitalists communicate closely with your primary care physician and at discharge, send important medical information about your hospital stay and discharge plan to your doctor. When you leave the hospital, your primary care physician will resume responsibility for your medical care. 

Because hospitalists don’t have a private practice, they are devoted to the care of hospitalized patients 24 hours a day. Their presence in the hospital helps them to be accessible to your family. 


Dr. Roshan Bista
Dr. Dean Bosley
Dr. Jyothsna Dasarathula
Dr. Mohammed Guba
Dr. Syed Hashimi
Dr. Charu Kolekar
Dr. Vineet Kumar
Dr. Arturo Lara
Dr. Thierry Ngansop
Dr. Asikham Oikeh 
Dr. Sonal Shah
Dr. Khalid Sonbol
Dr. Harsha Tathireddy
Dr. Varun Yadav
Dr. Joe Yohannan
Dr. Sareer Zia
Dr. Chizor Odibi
Dr. Abhish Koirala
Dr. Marie Cabanting
Dr. Shrutee Baniya
Dr. Manogna Nookathota
Dr. Labib El Kahwaji
Dr. Bhanu Pisini
Dr. Gowda Sharath
Dr. Swarna Matsa
Dr. Raja Vaidadi
Susan Suttle NP
Martha Curtin PA
Phillip Dewey PA
Joshua Smith PA