Frequently Asked Questions

My provider can’t see or hear me. What should I do?

Make sure there are no red Xs on the camera and microphone icons.

My provider still can’t hear or see me. What should I do?

Click the gear icon ( ) and see if you can select a different camera or microphone.

I’ve been sent back to the Waiting Room. Is my virtual visit over?

No. Your healthcare provider just put you on hold and will be back soon.

Can I take a call during my virtual visit?

No. Do not take or receive phone or video calls because it could end your virtual visit too soon.

I want to end my virtual visit. How do I do that?

Click the red handset icon and then click End.

Can I use other apps during my virtual visit?

Do not use any apps that use your camera or microphone like Facebook, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

I’m having trouble speaking. How can I talk to my provider?

Click the chat icon to chat with your healthcare provider.

After Your Virtual Visit Is the survey required?

No, but we recommend you complete the survey.

After Your Virtual How do I schedule a follow-up virtual visit?

Contact your healthcare provider

Provider & Patient Resource Center

Access best practices, helpful guides, and other useful information to deliver or receive best-in-class virtual care by visiting this link:

Technical Assistance Center

For all technical issues and requests:

Patient and Device Best Practice

  • Perform a pre-call diagnostic before your scheduled visit
  • Restart your device prior to your scheduled visit Test your internet speed
  • Ensure your browser is up to date

Common Audio and Video Issue - My browser is blocking my camera and or microphone

Check your browser settings to ensure that * has been granted access to your camera and microphone.

Chrome Settings

Firefox Settings

Safari Settings